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The Allazo Group was founded on the belief that all people, everywhere can experience powerful, lasting change. Today our mission is to empower lasting change through innovative training solutions masterfully designed to guide individuals and organizations to their highest potential. As passionate organizational thought leaders and educators, we teach organizations, groups, and individuals to enact lasting changes. These very changes help establish new habits that allow them to deliberately


Advanced Praise Section

What people are saying about the Elevating Leadership Program

“Leaders are made and the principles found in The Leadership Revolution will help anyone become one. These principles have stood the test of time and are applicable from startup to Fortune 500 Company. Scott Catt lays out the steps to becoming a leader in such a simple and interactive format that anyone at any level of the organization will benefit.”

- Brandon Wright, CEO Giftry

“From c-level executives to young professionals, this book is a must read for anyone that’s part of a team and wants to reach new levels of excellence. There are important lessons found in the Leadership Revolution that will help you on your quest towards the highest levels of leadership.”

- Russell Ochoa, CMO, Avantar

The Leadership Revolution is exactly what I needed to simplify my leadership approach. It doesn't overwhelm with complicated frameworks, but instead offers concise applicable suggestions. All the examples are easily relatable no matter age or station. I responded to the emphasis on the cyclicality of leadership development and the learning process, which ebbs and flows. This book provides a rare glimpse into true growth.

- Carmen Fenn, MBA, Oxford University - Strategic Program Manager at Vivint, Inc.

There have been many books written on leadership and leadership development. Most of those focus on narrow approaches and actionable habits. Scott Catt focuses on the principles that drive good leadership, and by changing dogma and paradigm of what makes a leader, he inspires us to internalize its principles.

- Diogo Myrrha - Vice President, Stoneway Capital

“Become, Empower, Unite, and Elevate” – “everyone can be a leader.” The Leadership Revolution is spot on in its assessment of leadership. Throughout my career and even my life, I’ve noticed that men and women of integrity and perspective can be an influence for good wherever they stand. As an educator, my focus is on the rising generation. We are raising our world’s future leaders in our homes, schools and work places. We need a generation of leaders who strive to reach their full potential, and our committed to shaping our future for the better. I hope we can apply these principles within our own circles of influence. The ripple effect will be phenomenal!

- Michelle Evans, Renowned Education and Thought Leader